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“Over 25 years of involvement in sales leadership I have tried numerous sales training programmes, without any success. The Level 4 Value Creation™ programme delivered by ThinkSales is different. It delivers results and is outstanding.”

Bradley Taylor Managing Director, PNet

Keynote Speaker Sales

Sales Executive Training

Develop your sales executives to get the best

  • Develop successful prospecting skills
  • Build resilience and manage rejection
  • Perfect your close so you can nail that deal
  • Improve your productivity techniques and increase your ROI
Are your sales executives putting in the effort but not seeing the results? Are they struggling to close deals and meet targets? ThinkSales Sales Executive Training focuses on strengthening your self-management skills while developing your confidence and sales effectiveness so that you can successfully bring in your sales and become a top performer in your organisation. The course focuses on developing successful sales habits so that you can increase your sales referrals, boost your confidence levels and deliver great customer service every time.

Sales Skills Accelerator course SSA-TS

Sales Skills Accelerator Course

Reach your full potential and become the next star performer with The Sales Skills Accelerator Programme. This 2-day course is designed to develop and strengthen core selling skills and self-management aspects critical for delivering consistently steady sales results.

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Sales Manager Training

Sales leadership development training designed to get results

The ThinkSales Sales Manager Training will equip you to:
  • Enhance your leadership skills
  • Develop your mentoring abilities to build a successful sales team
  • Improve sales force accountability and self-management
  • Motivate your sales team and boost your competitive edge
Boost your sales results by investing in the development of your sales management team. The Sales Manager Training is designed to hone the skills of new and existing sales managers – focusing on personal effectiveness, leadership prowess, mentoring techniques, sales team management and the strategic know-how to enhance competitive advantage. ThinkSales offers in-house and public sessions as well as refresher courses that provide one-on-one coaching for sales managers that are focused on on-going and lasting change.

Sales Manager Pro Course SMP-TS

Sales Manager Pro Course

Enrich your leadership skills to boost sales staff productivity and performance with The Sales Manager Pro Programme. This course is designed to expand a sales manager’s strengths in the three critical areas of personal efficiency and effectiveness, sales team management and building a competitive sales organisation.

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Sales Manager Training Sales Coaching Course Metrics

Metrics & Coaching for Results Masterclass

The impact that frontline and second-tier sales managers have on the performance of their sales teams cannot be over-emphasised. This 2-day masterclass has been designed to equip delegates with the knowledge, strategies and actionable methodologies to cut through the chaos and radically improve the results of their teams by focusing on two core pillars within sales strategy and sales management: Metrics and Coaching.

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Sales Manager Pro Course SMP-TS

Coaching Pro for Sales Managers

Proactive, formalised, structured coaching interventions have been found to increase the win-rate of forecast deals. This one-day Coaching Pro for Sales Managers course has been excerpted from the two-day Metrics & Coaching For Results Programme and is designed to equip sales leaders with the skill-set required for effective coaching.

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Sales Engagement Master Classes

Take your sales organisation to the next level

  • Shorten sales cycles
  • Develop predictable and accurate forecasting
  • Improve profitability on new opportunities
  • Increase wallet-share from new and existing clients
  • Move beyond ‘no decisions’ & improve closing ratios
Sales are getting tougher in every industry. Margins are shrinking as customers drive price wars. Buyers have become sophisticated. More stakeholders are involved. Decisions take longer to make. The ThinkSales Sales Master Classes have been purpose-built to combat these revenue inhibitors. These leading-edge programmes are designed to provide sales managers and their sales teams with leading strategies, processes and tools needed to gain a competitive advantage today.

Level 4 Value Creation Sales Training Course

Level 4 Value Creation

Experiencing a reduction of profit margins? Battling to differentiate your offering? Struggling to win new business? Level 4 Value Creation is the first of its kind on the market. It elevates sales to greater levels of value, creating strategic, differentiated, compelling and replicable standards of service and delivery. The programme provides sales people and sales organisations with a plan of action that they can immediately implement in their business to increase revenue.

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Busilding Consensus Sales Training

Building Consensus

Are you facing deals that end in a ‘no decision’? Are deals stalling on account of stakeholder groups resisting change? Building Consensus is the framework for creating value propositions for winning more and larger deals. Arm your sales force with techniques to understand the client’s structure and develop a plan to work within that structure. Create new opportunities or move existing ones successfully through the pipeline.

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Diagnostic Business Development - Business Development Sales Training

Diagnostic Business Development

Is relentless pressure on price and margins cutting into your profits? Are your customers failing to recognise the value you provide? This 2-day programme is designed for sales professionals whose success depends on highly complex, enterprise-level sales engagements. The Diagnostic Business Development programme will teach you to eliminate risk and failure in complex sale negotiations and build powerful proposals that connect at the executive and operational levels.

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Sales Engagement Process

Is your current sales process not getting the results it once was? Are you battling to bring in new business? The Sales Engagement Process programme is designed for an executive team and a select group of star sales representatives, whose success depends on advanced selling methods that target today’s complex customer problems.

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Sales Training FAQs

  • Do you offer public sales training programmes?

    Do you offer public sales training programmes?

    ThinkSales presents a number of its sales training programmes in a public forum. These sales training programmes are offered at venues in Johannesburg. Check our annual calendar or subscribe to our newsletter to receive regular updates for upcoming sales training programmes.

  • Do you offer sales training throughout South Africa?

    Do you offer sales training throughout South Africa?

    Our sales training programmes are available in South Africa. All of our psychometric assessments are online and we offer in-house sales training programmes to all major city centres including sales training in Johannesburg and Pretoria, sales training in Cape Town and sales training in Durban.

  • Do you offer refresher sales coaching?

    Do you offer refresher sales coaching?

    ThinkSales offers Implementation and Refresher Coaching Sessions as an optional companion service to selected ThinkSales training programmes. These sessions are focused on improving implementation of sales process and/or sales methodology learning within live sales opportunities. Besides feedback and coaching of the individual, outcomes and action points are reported back to sales management for further internal coaching.

  • What other companion services do you offer with your sales training?

    What other companion services do you offer with your sales training?

    In addition to our Refresher Coaching Sessions we offer Implementation Evaluations as an optional companion service to selected ThinkSales sales training programmes. This service addresses a number of key business challenges and ensures implementation of a sales engagement process and sales methodology learning with live sales opportunities, conducted in a formal review.

  • International Partners

    Exclusive International Partners

    ThinkSales is proud to be the exclusive South African representative of a number of esteemed international partners; all leaders in their fields.

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  • Evaluation Services

    Evaluation Services

    • Implement the sales engagement process and sales methodology learnings with live sales opportunities, conducted in a formal review
    • Results are benchmarked against the sales process and/or sales methodology training
    • Focus on evaluating key components of a sales engagement process and/or key components of a sales methodology
    • Takes no longer than 60 minutes. The results are for collaborative coaching and not combative disciplining
    • The sales manager should attend a minimum of one session
    • Recommended: Minimum 2-3 implementation evaluations per person. 


  • Implementation Refresher Coaching

    Implementation Refresher Coaching

    Improve implementation of ThinkSales sales process and sales methodology learning within live sales opportunities. Outcomes and action points are reported back to sales management for further internal coaching.

    • Drive implementation of ThinkSales sales process or methodology programme learning
    • Focus is on how to navigate forward, based on mapping the landscape of implementation as it stands today
    • A scorecard is utilised as a measurement tool
    • The sales person will complete the improvement recommendations
    • One hour collaborative sessions

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