About ThinkSales

Why ThinkSales?

Sales leadership is one of the most complex and demanding of all executive positions. The sales leader is not only responsible for top-line growth but also disciplined sales processes, organisational architecture, scenario planning, motivating and managing the sales team and being the ultimate customer champion.

Unlike business administrators, marketing managers and financial directors, there is no tertiary education path a sales practitioner can follow to qualify for the job. As such, sales leaders often land their positions by being the best sales executive. Their expertise is learned while working their way up the ranks, receiving sporadic training and labouring under other sales managers who have followed the same career path.

Further compounding this problem is the fact that there is no universal consensus on a set of standards or duties to characterise the sales leader’s job description. And while there are literally millions of sources of information pitched at improving performance at the sales executive’s level, resources and training material for sales leaders remain scarce.

It is against this backdrop that Think Sales was launched. ThinkSales Corporation provides sales assessments, sales consulting & training and thought leadership solutions to deliver on the needs of Sales Leaders.

What makes Think Sales unique is that it’s the first media and solutions provider to focus squarely on meeting the needs of sales leaders – Sales Directors, Sales Managers, CEOs and GMs.

Our Mission

  • Ensure our clients have access to ‘best of breed’ products and solutions to successfully lead today’s dynamic and demanding sales organisations
  • Deliver solutions to the demands placed on sales leaders by customers, rivals, share-holders, directors, CEOs and the sales team
  • Assist sales leaders in all aspects of their complex roles within an organisation; producing increased sales results and delivering on the multitude of additional responsibilities that go with leading today’s sales organisations

Our Way

  • Central to all Think Sales Products and Services is the fact that successful sales are definitively a result of processes, disciplines, methodologies and systems
  • The Think Sales Service Offering delivers ideas, tools, frameworks and techniques to master the various disciplines associated with sales leadership. These can be accessed through a number of different ThinkSales leadership resource channels.

B-BEE Rating


ThinkSales Corporation (Pty) Ltd
qualifies as a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor.