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ThinkSales is a Revenue Growth Consultancy that launched in South Africa in 2010.

We work with top executives to assist them to make and execute quality revenue growth strategies that differentiate their organisations for a competitive advantage, ensuring sustainable revenue growth.

ThinkSales has deployed strategy, customer engagement, management, talent and sales enablement solutions to over 265 companies in 25 industries. The Annual ThinkSales Sales Leadership Convention has hosted over 576 companies – 40% from R1 billion+ and 30% from R100 million+ turnover businesses.

At ThinkSales, we use revenue, sales and leading activity data and metrics as the foundation of a Revenue Growth EngineeringTM process based on our proprietary 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation Framework and AssessmentTM that addresses the unique reality of the customer’s performance in their chosen market segments.

Andrew Honey
  • Ensure our clients have access to ‘best of breed’ products and solutions to successfully lead today’s dynamic and demanding sales organisations
  • Deliver solutions to the demands placed on sales leaders by customers, rivals, share-holders, directors, CEOs and the sales team
  • Assist sales leaders in all aspects of their complex roles within an organisation; producing increased sales results and delivering on the multitude of additional responsibilities that go with leading today’s sales organisations
  • Central to all Think Sales Products and Services is the fact that successful sales are definitively a result of processes, disciplines, methodologies and systems
  • The Think Sales Service Offering delivers ideas, tools, frameworks and techniques to master the various disciplines associated with sales leadership. These can be accessed through a number of differentThinkSales leadership resource channels.

The work we do at ThinkSales is guided by our proprietary ‘5-Pillar Framework’ approach.

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Launched in 2010


ThinkSales Clients


Our Clients span 25 sectors


Level 2 B-BBEE Supplier





Ivor Jones obtained a diploma in Marketing Management from the Institute of Marketing Management of South Africa in 1973 and has been a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management since 1989. Jones was employed by Dun & Bradstreet South Africa from 1972 to 1981 and in 1975 was the Top Sales Performer.

Jones was appointed the National Sales Manager of Dun & Bradstreet South Africa in 1976. Under Jones, Dun & Bradstreet South Africa won the Hemispheric Sales Competition (a World Wide Dun & Bradstreet Sales Competition) for three consecutive years from 1976 to 1978. In 1979 Jones was transferred to Dun & Bradstreet International (London) and returned to Dun & Bradstreet South Africa in 1980.

Jones launched KreditInform in 1982 against monopolistic competition and built KreditInform into South Africa’s largest business-to-business credit management solutions company, which was sold to Experian in 2008.

Jones is not only passionate about sales, but is also a true entrepreneur who has invested in, bought and sold, a number of companies some of which include:

  • Group 3 Personnel (temporary and permanent credit management personnel)
  • Ezeedex (procurement solutions)
  • Purchase IT (procurement consultancy)
  • Credit Underwriting Agency (CUAL) now COFACE (credit insurance)
  • Who Owns Whom (publishers of ownership, directors and structures of South Africa’s premier companies)

Jones remains a share-holder at Octagon Business Solutions (transactive information solutions) and a share-holder and non-executive director at Matrix Marketing (South Africa’s largest business, marketing and sales information company). Jones is Chairman of ThinkSales Corporation (Pty) Ltd and a shareholder in Entrepreneur Media SA (Pty) Ltd and SmartCompany Networks (Pty) Ltd.



Andrew Honey has a BA with majors in Psychology and isiXhosa and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.

He has been coached by two globally renowned sales experts and has consulted to a number of South Africa’s leading CEOs and Sales Directors on sales turnarounds. He is the architect of the 5-Pillar Strategic Sales Organisation Framework and AssessmentTM  that was taken to high acclaim by all delegates at the 2017 Sales Leadership Convention.

He is of a select group of entrepreneurs globally who have sold a business plan and raised traditional capital to launch a company.

Andrew is the CEO of ThinkSales Corporation, a leading revenue growth consultancy and training company has worked with over 600 leading South African companies since 2010 and has hosted over 3 000 delegates at the annual Sales Leadership Conventions.


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