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Jeff Thull is a leading-edge strategist and valued advisor for executive teams of major companies worldwide. As president and CEO of Prime Resource Group, he has designed and implemented business transformation and professional development programmes for companies like Shell, 3M, Siemens, Microsoft, Intel and IBM. He has gained the reputation for being a thought-leader in the arena of sales and marketing strategies for companies involved in complex sales. He is also an international speaker and best-selling author. Jeff’s latest book, “Mastering the Complex Sale, Second Edition,” is a #1 best selling book on To learn more about Jeff, visit

Ask questions that will elicit deep insight into your customer’s needs and move your credibility rating from expected to exceptional.

Prospect, qualify, present and close. These are the basic elements of the conventional sales process that most sales organisations and salespeople still follow today. The conventional sales process is the most widely used selling paradigm for good reason: it works. That is, it works if you have a simple sale. Problem is, the world in which we sell has changed.

To maximise your opportunities, take time to understand the customer’s needs and concerns – and know when to walk away from a sale that is not good for either party.


The four phases of the Diagnostic Business Development system, discover, diagnose, design and deliver, offer a single customer-centred process to leverage opportunities in the marketplace.

If you are investing heavily in creating innovative and high-value solutions, but are not seeing the profitable growth you expected, value leakage could be sabotaging the execution of your strategy.

The New Core Competency for Growth-Minded Companies

If you’re competing on price, you’ll never achieve maximum profitability. It is critical to make value creation everyone’s job.

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