Mike Brooks

About Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks has over 20 years of inside sales closing experience. Once a bottom 80% producer, he learned and perfected the skills of top 20% producers and became the number one sales rep out of five branch offices. Since then he has produced numerous sales training resources under his Mr. Inside Sales brand. Learn more about Mike at www.mrinsidesales.com

Invest the time, money, and effort to learn and master core inside sales techniques.


Follow this proven five-step method to establish your role as leader of your sales team — regardless of their generation.


Sales is a set of skills that can be taught, learned, measured and repeated, so give your inside sales team the skills they’ll need right from the start.


While daily bonuses remain an important part of compensating and driving production with many companies, their long-term effectiveness doesn’t always justify their expense or their continued use. There is a better way.


Your goal isn’t to try to overcome this resistance – rather, it’s to sidestep this statement and get information you can use to create value and continue the conversation.


Be relevant to your prospects by understanding their issues and demonstrating you are qualified to resolve them.


Avoid the tired old tie downs that alienate prospects. Rather opt for questions that elicit a response.


5 Secrets that will give you the best chance of making connections and advancing sales processes.


Get your prospect talking to establish which way they’re leaning.


Closing techniques for talking past the close.

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