Follow this proven five-step method to establish your role as leader of your sales team — regardless of their generation.


The world’s top investor favours businesses that use data to drive continuous improvement and demand actions with consequences — and he tolerates a degree of tough love if that’s what is required to create value.


Finding and identifying high effort sales people from within the available candidates is one of the most important parts of building a top performing sales team.

As organisations confront new buying processes,
the required sales processes are changing. This makes it increasingly important to hire sales people who are the right fit for your business.


You know you need to have high performing, talented salespeople on any competitive sales team. However, not everyone is suited for competitive sales environments – and even those who are able to perform in the role will have varying degrees of success


Rethink your interview process and place more emphasis on work-related questions that are harder to prepare for.


When sales teams aren’t performing as expected, the root cause could be founded in the sales person onboarding programme.


There’s a new kind of executive in town. And he’s uniting the customer experience to turn companies from struggling to profitable.


Sales leaders who don’t invest enough time in hunting for talent risk losing competitive momentum.


Eliminate the barriers to sales force effectiveness.

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