No sales manager wants their team dreading the next meeting. Here are six tips to planning a sales meeting that your sales people will love.

sales team productivity

Apply these practical methods to understand how you can support employees while balancing the need to keep them on task.


Sales is a set of skills that can be taught, learned, measured and repeated, so give your inside sales team the skills they’ll need right from the start.


Introduce disciplines and routines that help you to make sound decisions and eliminate bad choices.


Meetings that are too long, with badly planned agendas, unengaging communication and limited acknowledgement of good performance will produce equally underwhelming results. For a successful national sales meeting, heed this advice.


There’s a reason it’s called a sales force. Here are four innovative ways companies can use their sales reps to drive growth. By Maryanne Hancock, Homayoun Hatami & Sunil Rayan


Current studies show that mildly elevated stress hormones actually help the brain to learn better. However, psychologist Jason Moser cautions that high anxiety can make even simple tasks more difficult.

Cultures based on positive motivation rather than negative pressures tend to produce happier employees and more satisfied customers.


Sales people can work smarter, not harder, by dividing
their time more appropriately among customers, products
and sales activities.


Teams of three can lay the foundation for culture change – turning teams into agile tribes.

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