Psychometric benchmarking helps your business target the characteristics of your top performers and replicate these attributes within your organisation.  By identifying these characteristics you can recruit and develop candidates and existing employees, applying your organisations success formula to build a successful sales team.


Why you should implement benchmarking:

  • Eliminate the ‘guess work’ out of recruiting
  • Hire an individual who will be successful within your unique organisation
  • ‘Bottle the magic’
  • Retain your current staff
  • Training investments can be optimised based on what works best for your organisation

Without benchmarking your organisation you will not have insight into the unique characteristics of top performers within your sales teams. This may lead to a loss of revenue due to missed targets or low performance. This could result in an increase in staff turnover and a decrease in overall productivity.

Who will benefit:

•    Sales Professionals
•    Sales Managers
•    Sales Directors
•    Business Unit Managers
•    Call Centre / Contact Centre management?

What’s involved in Benchmarking:

  • An ideal sample size, for inclusion in the study, would be 20-25 employees, as larger samples have greater reliability.
  • The employees who form part of the sample need to complete the relevant profile.
  • The data from the profiles are then statistically collated and graphically represented to demonstrate the characteristics unique to the top performers for that company.
  • This profile is then utilized, as a benchmark, for future selection against which new recruits could be compared.
  • This profile could also be used to compare current employees, in determining which aspects are working well and which areas need to be developed.