The Personal Orientation Profile (POP™) has been used for recruiting and selecting sales people for nearly three decades. The POP™ has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures throughout North America, Asia and in other parts of the world and is used to discover self-managers who will be consistent top performers. It has been proven effective in predicting both performance and retention. Use the POP™ for selecting sales positions roles where compensation is primarily based on commission.

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Currently available in over 40 languages, the POP™ provides sales management with feedback, interview suggestions, retention strategies and coaching suggestions on:

  1. Business Development
  2. Motivational Structure
  3. Closing Style
  4. Approach to Structure
  5. Communication Style
  6. Probable Performance Levels
  7. Probable Retention
  8. Self Confidence
  9. Managing Call Reluctance
  10. Essentials of Self Management

The POP™ provides each candidate with an overview of strengths and some career counseling on what to seek and what to avoid in career paths.

More than just a sales skills assessment, the POP™ is one of the world’s leading sales employee selection tools and is the instrument of choice for many of the most competitive financial services sales forces.

The POP™

  • Predicts performance in sales roles
  • Reduces turnover
  • Measures essentials of self-management and pro-activity
  • Measures achievement motivation and closing style
  • Measures independence and need for structure
  • Is statistically validated using each organisation’s unique performance criteria
  • Is available on-line in 24 languages
  • Includes interview suggestions
  • Includes developmental suggestions and assists in performance coaching

The Science of Normative Profiling:

The POP™ is a personality profile that has been used to assess and track the careers of over a three million people active or seeking employment in sales careers such as financial services, automotive sales, and many other sales cultures.

With this data, the POP™ has become an industry standard and is a thoroughly validated assessment tool. It is proven to be predictive in many sales cultures and is used to develop ideal candidate models for specific industries and companies.

Equipped with a customised ideal candidate model , recruiting managers can quickly identify a potential high performer and recruit people who are statistically similar to the best performers in their organisations.

The generic POP™ allows a company to immediately leverage our three decades of performance research and insight into what it takes to be successful in a sales role with the option of developing an ideal candidate model through the ongoing validation process.

This employee recruiting and selection tool is used for:

  • identifying and recruiting high potential sales representatives and consultants
  • identifying self managers who will develop into sales leaders
  • helping candidates and managers make informed career decisions
  • identifying strengths and building on them
  • coaching and developing individuals for competitive selling
  • building specific profiles for specific sales careers
  • building specific profiles for specific sales and business cultures

Interpretation of the POP™

The POP™ measures eight separate character traits which include both the powerful and neutralising aspects of personality. This allows for the formation of a profile which can be compared to norms for competitive selling. The result is a profile that provides very useful information about the individual’s fit to a sales role.

In addition, the POP™ measures self confidence and the individual’s attitudes about prospecting, managing rejection and handling call reluctance. Some versions of the POP™ also measure the individual’s approach to managing lifestyle effectively and even include an optional coaching report.

All these factors are presented in an easy to interpret fashion with selection questions and coaching suggestions included.