POPScreen (POPS™) is a subset of the POP™ state-of-the-art psychometric tool that is widely used in identifying and selecting individuals who would thrive in competitive sales environments. It was developed for and validated in the life insurance business.


  • Determines suitability for competitive sales positions
  • Identifies high potential sales representatives and agents
  • Screens and eliminates candidates lacking essential background
  • Organises candidate information in a consistent fashion to provide an overall rating on talent, effort history and fit to sales
  • Identifies self managers likely to develop into sales leaders
  • Provides information for candidate/manager matching
  • Is available on-line

Screening For Performance and Retention in Competitive Sales

The POPS™ is used by many sales organisations to identify and screen for candidates who will perform and survive in a highly competitive sales environment. By assessing the inherent talent, effort history and fit to the position, the POPS™ is able to screen out those candidates who lack the potential for success in competitive sales. The POPS™ also allows the hiring organisations to rank candidates on their probable success. The POPS™ also allows for screening of candidates without the need for reading resumes.

By focusing on candidates with a ‘success’ profile and screening candidates who lack the essentials, the POPS™ is the first step in a selection process that will improve the odds of hiring self-managing sales people.