The ContactCenterPro™ is one of the world’s leading call center assessment tools. It is a thoroughly validated assessment tool designed for the selection, training and coaching of a contact center staff member.

Managing your customer relationships and sales initiatives is too critical to put into the hands of the wrong person. The ContactCenterPro™ combined with our complimentary web based applicant tracking system and data driven consulting service, helps contact center recruiters accurately predict performance and retention and make better hiring decisions.


  • Reduces staffing costs
  • Reduces turnover and increases performance
  • Streams candidates according to their potential for cross-selling and up-selling roles
  • Produces a tailored coaching and development plan for each candidate
  • Develops a pool of qualified candidates to support future hiring needs
  • Identifies the core traits of your best performers
  • Produces an ideal candidate model that recruiting managers can use to recruit more top performers
  • Increases the flow of “qualified” candidates through effective 24/7 attraction & screening

The ContactCenterPro™ is a personality profile that assesses an individual’s core character traits, relevant attitudes, emotional intelligence, listening style and comfort with networking while providing the interviewer with interview suggestions, performance coaching suggestions and individualized retention strategies. It can be easily integrated into your existing recruiting and selection program and includes benchmarking capabilities which allow scores from different candidates to be compared with each other and measured against current high performing personnel.

The ContactCenterPro™ will help select people based on their approach to service, decision making skills, attitude about their role, their success with scripts and structure and other factors necessary for success in customer service roles.

ContactCenterPro™ assesses and reports on:

  • Service competencies
  • Potential for sales performance and business growth
  • Decision making, loyalty and approach to structure
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self management, motivation, comfort with conflict, confidence & lifestyle management
  • Listening style and approach to networking

By selecting people who are suited for both customer service and cross selling, contact centers that use the ContactCenterPro™ are more successful in promoting their products and services and increasing revenues.