Sales Manager Pro Course SMP-TS

What would it mean to your number if your managers could improve the performance of their team through formal coaching? Proactive, formalised, structured coaching interventions have been found to increase the win-rate of forecast deals.


This one-day Coaching Pro for Sales Managers course has been excerpted from the two-day Metrics & Coaching For Results Programme and is designed to equip sales leaders with the skill-set required for effective coaching.

Course Contents Overview

1. Metrics-Based Coaching

  • Metrics-based coaching linked directly to pipeline activities and results

2. Coaching Hard Skills

  • How to structure, conduct, record and follow-up on coaching sessions
  • A framework for how to detect when to focus on skills development and when to focus on attitude adjustments
  • Tools to identify which sales executives to train on which skills
  • The knowledge required to be proactive rather than reactive in coaching interventions

3. Coaching Soft Skills

  • Techniques to build and strengthen a manager’s ability to listen, build trust and effectively coach their team
  • Techniques to make informal ‘in the moment’ coaching more effective

Who Should Attend

  • All sales managers looking to develop a solid set of coaching skills built on a scalable framework to manage and track results

Programme Format

  • Preparatory Work: Online questionnaire (20 minutes), collection of sales data (15 minutes)
  • Training Workshop: Live 1-day facilitator led workshop
  • Post Programme: Post-workshop implementation plan (created in the course)

Is this course for you?

  • Are you facing these challenges?

    Are you facing these challenges?

    • While you recognise the need for coaching reps to strengthen development gaps, your managers are not well equipped to know who to coach or how to coach
    • ‘Coaching conversations’ are typically informal feedback sessions post in-field ride-alongs. Impact is diluted since sessions are not formally documented and development is not monitored and tracked
  • What happens if you do nothing?

    What happens if you do nothing?

    • An absence of coaching means more of the same, resulting in a lost opportunity to improve the performance and results of your sales executive team.
  • Why act now?

    Why act now?

    • While it has been found that coaching can improve individual performance by 6-8% in at least 50% of your reps* – coaching for the most part is nevertheless poorly executed by sales managers.