Level 4 Value Creation Sales Training Course

The core message of Level 4 Value Creation is that both the salesperson and the sales organisation need to create more value for their clients if they expect to win new business, increase wallet share, retain existing clients, and capture higher margins.


Does Your Organisation Need Level 4 Sales Training?



Antony Iannarino:
Course Architect
Anthony Iannarino is an author, international speaker and entrepreneur. He is internationally recognised as a thought leader. He was recently named one the 50 most influential people in sales by Top Sales World and Open View Partners recognised him as one of the 25 most influential people in sales.

Course Contents Overview

  1. Introduce the participant to the concept of value and the four levels of value that sales organisations create
  2. Understanding the value gap between the present level and the higher levels they are capable of creating
  3. The seven behavioural components that create Level 4 Value
  4. Expose how clients perceive value and the value they demand & how to frame their own value propositions
  5. Ways that salespeople and sales organisations can move up the levels of value creation
  6. The many ways a salesperson or sales force can slide down levels

Who Should Attend

  • Sales leaders and their teams who are responsible for maximising wallet share and creating the relevant level of value with stakeholders; in both strategic accounts and the development of new business.

Programme Format

  • Preparatory Work: Online questionnaire (20 minutes), collection of sales data (30 minutes)
  • Training Workshop: Live 2-day facilitator led workshop
  • Post Programme: Post-workshop implementation plan (created in the course)

Is this course for you?

  • Are you facing these challenges?

    Are you facing these challenges?

    • Experiencing a reduction of profit margins
    • Trouble differentiating your offering
    • Struggling to win new business
  • What happens if you do nothing?

    What happens if you do nothing?

    • Declining top line growth
    • Competitors can displace you or reduce your wallet share
    • Increasing missed and lost opportunities
  • Why act now?

    Why act now?

    • Improve profitability on new opportunities
    • Increase revenue from new client acquisition and existing client base
    • A strategy and framework to create and capture more value for your clients