Sales Manager Pro Course SMP-TS

Sales managers are the key to driving consistent sales performance. It is critical that they be developed.
This 2-day course is designed to develop a sales manager’s strengths to support their people, build their team and improve the team’s results with consistency.

Course Contents Overview

  • Personal efficiency and effectiveness
  • Sales team management
  • Building a competitive sales organisation

Who Should Attend

  • Sales managers looking to build their expertise on a solid foundation
  • Sales managers wanting to create consistently better results from their team
  • Newly appointed sales managers

Programme Format

  • Preparatory Work: Online questionnaire (20 minutes), collection of sales data (30 minutes)
  • Training Workshop: Live 2-day facilitator led workshop
  • Post Programme: Post-workshop implementation plan (created in the course)

Customer Success Story

Is this course for you?

  • Are you facing these challenges?

    Are you facing these challenges?

    • Sales targets not being met
    • Sales disciplines not being followed
    • Not enough high-impact coaching and guidance by your sales managers of their teams
  • What happens if you do nothing?

    What happens if you do nothing?

    • More of the same
    • Higher staff attrition rates
    • Missed opportunity and lost revenue due to poorly aligned systems and processes
    • Erosion of competitive advantage
  • Why act now?

    Why act now?

    • Sales managers will learn techniques for mastery of inter- and intra-personal leadership
    • Sales managers will be able to engage and direct their teams for improved results
    • Sales managers will be able to apply tactics and strategies for competitive advantage