Print Subscriptions

Individual Print Subscriptions 


Unfortunately the delivery services ThinkSales has used in the past, including the SA Post Office and independent suppliers, have proven to be unreliable and as such have done damage to our brand through inconsistent and / or non-delivery of our magazine to paying subscribers. Door-to-door courier services are not economically feasible for individual subscriptions.

  • We have therefore decided to suspended individual print subscriptions – this will come into effect on 1 Feb 2018.
  • All existing subscriptions will be honoured until expiry.

Should you wish to purchase an individual subscription, please select the digital subscription offer.


Bulk Print Subscriptions 

Should you wish to purchase bulk copies to distribute to your company, we offer bulk subscriptions –bulk orders of ThinkSales Magazine will be delivered to a one contact person at a single physical address by courier. That contact person will then be responsible for distributing the magazines internally.


Digital Subscriptions

Do you have a digital edition available?

Yes. ThinkSales magazine is available for digital subscription via a third party vendor:

Do you need a specific device or platform to view my magazine on Zinio?

The digital publication is accessible on all smart devices and platforms:

Simply download the reader by clicking one of the above platforms and you will be able to read the magazine on your device.

How do I setup a Zinio Account?

Zinio Magazines Online

You will need to set up your Zinio account using a web browser (i.e. on a tablet or on a PC). Do not try to set up an account using only the reader app. It is much more complicated. 

See the User Guide for step-by-step instructions on setting up an account.

You will need:

          • A computer or a mobile device with the Zinio app installed (there are instructions and links for this later)
          • An email address
          • A Zinio account (You will be prompted to create one if you don’t already have one.)

First Time Users – Create an Account:

          • Go to website using your browser, NOT the app
          • Leave the email/password areas blank
          • Click the Create Account button
          • Enter your library patron number, click Validate
          • Enter your email address/password/name (first name is fine), click Create Account
          • Check your email account for an email from Your Library. The subject will be: Library Account Confirmation
          • Click on the link to activate your account
          • Go back to the Zinio page, click Return to Login
          • Type your email address and password
          • Your screen status will say, “you are already activated to Zinio,” and will launch the collection pages.

Select a Magazine:

          • Connect to the Library’s Zinio account using your browser, NOT the app
          • Log in with your email address and password
          • Click on a magazine to place it in your Zinio account
          • A new window will open asking you to create a Zinio account
          • The email address from the library account you created will appear in the email box. Type a password and click Continue to create your Zinio account. If you already have an account, click sign in here and sign in to your account.
          • When you first create this account, you are asked to review email preferences. Since you are using the library collection, this is a waste that just will give you unwanted Spam. Uncheck the boxes under both Premier Communications and Your Interests. Fill in the About You section. Select No on at least the next 3 lines. Click Submit.
          • The magazine you selected will be in your Zinio account. Click on it to start reading.
          • It is VERY IMPORTANT that the email address used to create your library account matches the email address used to create your Zinio account. If the email addresses do not match, the magazine will not be added to your Zinio account. The passwords don’t have to be the same, but the email addresses must be the same.

Select More than One Magazine:

          • Follow the instructions above to place a magazine in your Zinio account
          • Click on the tab “Return to Library Collection”
          • Click on another magazine
          • The window with your Zinio account will open with the new magazine included
          • Continue to click Return to Library Collection as often as you like to select magazines. Do this with any of the magazines you think you might like to read later.
          • Go to your Zinio account to read them

Download the correct Zinio Reader App for your mobile device (do this using the web on your device)

Zinio magazines may be read on a wide variety of apps available for many mobile devices. From the wireless web on your mobile device, click on the device that best suits your needs to download your free app now: PC Mac iPhone  iPad Android Kindle Fire Blackberry Playbook

This will download the app on your device. If your device does not have wireless, please contact a librarian for help. 

Read Magazines Offline:

          • You must be online to select magazines and download them
          • Follow the instructions above to place a magazine in your Zinio account
          • Open the Zinio app on your mobile device or your PC or Mac and select a magazine to download
          • When the download is complete you can read that magazine offline
          • Only magazines that have been downloaded through the app can be read offline.
How do I read a magazine that I already have checked out on Zinio?
          • If you have an Internet connection, connect to your Zinio account. Log in and click My Library at the top of the screen.
          • If your computer is offline, use the Zinio Reader 4 app for PC or Mac. Remember to download the magazine to the app while you’re still online.
          • From a mobile device that is online or offline, use the Zinio app. Remember to download the magazine to your device by clicking the arrow next to the issue, before reading offline.
Can I print from a magazine from Zinio?
          • Print options are determined by the publisher. Some will allow you to print a single page, a range of pages or none at all. In order to print you must be logged in to your Zinio account using a browser or the PC/Mac app. Click the printer button on the bottom left side of the screen. Printing is not available from the mobile app.