Sales Negotiation

Improve your closure rate by becoming intimately familiar with your client’s pressure and pain points.

Three critical mistakes that prevent you from closing sales.

Improve your productivity by implementing these closing tactics.

By asking these questions, you come across as being well organised, knowledgeable, and professional. Most people will be impressed with the way you conduct this interview. First impressions are important – and following this sequence allows you to put your best foot forward.

Questions - How to Probe Your Prospect

The essence of sales is to interact with the customer effectively. Everything else is prelude or postlude. The best salespeople execute the essentials with excellence. They focus on the quantity and quality of their interactions with their customers.

Deal With Risk Instead of Price

“Low price, low price, low price.” It’s the mantra that sales people in every industry segment are hearing more these days than ever before. Customers, looking for ways to contain costs, naturally pressure their vendors for lower costs. But, is low price the motivating factor in a customer’s decision to buy?

Two Principles for Closing the Deal

Implement these two principles and you’ll dramatically improve your productivity. Keep in mind that closing is an agreement for action on the part of your customer, and make it your goal to close every interaction.

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