To recognise tomorrow’s opportunities, you may need to ditch yesterday’s thinking.

The EQ Imperative_Sales Leadership Development

In a turbulent and changing world, emotional intelligence has taken on new value.


New research reveals how our brains work in the future tense and how our assumptions – about the next few milliseconds or the next few years- bend reality.

How to handle the “We’re happy with our current supplier” comment.

If social research is to be believed, it might just be possible to get people to behave in the way you want them to – even if that means behaving in a way that’s out of character.

Here are three steps to finding them.

Making Success Inevitable

Achieve your goals by being predictable, if you believe the words of best-selling business and self-help author and presenter Brian Tracy.

Cynicism is a Recipe for Mediocrity

Cut out the cancer before it infects your sales environment.

Pitching to the Pessimist

Scientifically speaking, it is not only more likely that you will be pitching to a pessimist, but people are motivated twice as much by the fear of loss than by the promise of reward. You are more likely to make a sale or close a deal if you understand this and pitch accordingly.

Get Your Mojo Back

State of mind might seem like a ‘soft issue’, but part of the sales leader’s role is to motivate the team and keep them upbeat, positive and focused on success – a negative disposition can have a detrimental impact on the sales performance of an entire company.

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