There are some seemingly harmless statements that I hate to hear people say. The message is bad, and believing them is a recipe for failure.

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Sales advice from the regional head of T-Systems.

Appointed executive head of sales for Vodacom Service Provider Company in 2001, Michael Allschwang assisted with the merger of eight companies, making him turn grey in five weeks.

Carl Bass, president and chief executive of Autodesk Inc on why it is critical to be clear about the company’s direction.

A master of the sales process offers this advice.

Generate more value from your clients by creating more value for them.

Expert advice from Dr Madelise Grobler, MD of Bytes People Solutions.

Tracey Matura, GM for the Smart Car unit of Mercedes-Benz USA, shares the key qualities of leadership.

George Mienie of Auto Trader offers his sales advice.

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