Secrets to unlocking a motivated workforce


Diary entries from 238 knowledge workers who were members of creative project teams revealed four primary ways in which managers unwittingly drain work of its meaning.


The four phases of the Diagnostic Business Development system, discover, diagnose, design and deliver, offer a single customer-centred process to leverage opportunities in the marketplace.


To recognise tomorrow’s opportunities, you may need to ditch yesterday’s thinking.

How Great Companies Manage People_Sales Team Management

To sustain success, a company needs leaders who care about and develop their people.

Sales managers have to learn to adjust to hard times. Constant vigilance and ongoing demand analysis will sort the winners from the losers.

If you recognise yourself in any of these profiles, get professional help.

Gutsy leaders take bold and decisive action to achieve their vision.

By taking the time to understand a new environment, great leaders make the right change happen.

Employ additional sales managers when the business demands it.

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