When it comes to setting an annual revenue goal for the company, more often than not, the revenue exercise is focused on the current sales people on the team, their historic revenue contribution and their expected performance in the upcoming year.


It’s time to step up and lead your sales team – by your own example.

Promoting your top sales people into management can have a disastrous impact on your sales organisation.

Is it possible to regain lost respect? Only if you take these five key steps to redemption.

If you recognise yourself in any of these profiles, get professional help.

Leadership insights from turnaround pro, president and chief executive of Ford Motor Company, Alan R. Mulally.

By taking the time to understand a new environment, great leaders make the right change happen.

The single most common mistake that organisations make is promoting their number one sales person into the role of sales manager, thereby depriving themselves in a single stroke of their best producer and hamstringing their salesforce with an ineffective manager.

Invest in Training for Your Sales Manager

While most people intuitively understand the link between effective sales management and improved sales results, research in the last few years has confirmed it. For example, a study by Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc concluded that sales teams under the oversight of a highly skilled sales manager produced “29% higher revenue, 47% higher employee satisfaction, and 16% higher customer satisfaction.”

The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Sales Managers

In most organisations, sales managers are the essential bridge between the company’s sales goals and the realisation of those goals. It’s an incredibly important and difficult job. Alas, only a small percentage of untrained sales managers ever really figure it out, arriving by trial and error and after hours of study at the best practices of an effective sales manager. The overwhelming majority find themselves caught up in the urgencies of the moment…

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