Top-performing sales reps have thrown out the old script and devised a radical approach to sales based on three key strategies.

Help people stick to a decision by trying to tempt them out of it.

Do your prices reflect the value of your products and services? Learn how to drive sales and boost your products with the 4 Cs.

Empower your customer to support your sales push.

The finalist stage of the process is an exciting time, but there is work to be done to develop the winning strategy.

There is a significant opportunity for sales managers to improve their sales teams’ close rates by better understanding prospect perceptions.

Good strategy requires an understanding of the business challenge and coherent action, backed by a sound argument, to address it. Bad strategy ignores these requirements – often at the expense of future growth.

Nothing is more rewarding for any business than taking an account away from a competitor.

Unsettle your prospects and create the motivation they need to take action.

Writing on blog, Connected Marketer, marketing director Matt West makes some key points about return on investment (ROI) from a marketing automation solution.

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