Lead by example, strengthening values like customer service with regular use – and your people will follow.


How to ensure the optimum level of pressure at which people perform at their best.


Companies fiddle constantly with their incentive plans – but most of their changes have little effect. Here’s a better approach. By Thomas Steenburgh and Michael Ahearne

How Great Companies Manage People_Sales Team Management

To sustain success, a company needs leaders who care about and develop their people.


Do less, achieve more: the art of effective delegation.

William Surmon

Surmon is a seasoned financial services executive, registered as a key individual with the Financial Services Board. He has more than 23 years of experience in the retail banking and insurance sectors.

Your team may be finding it tougher out there, but reality is that sales are still happening and there are still deals to be done.

Firing a sales person is a tough decision. Before you do it, ask yourself if the employee has been given a fair a chance of succeeding.

Is it possible to regain lost respect? Only if you take these five key steps to redemption.

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