Review the content of your emails to transform them into effective sales tools.


To recognise tomorrow’s opportunities, you may need to ditch yesterday’s thinking.

Counting Minutes?_Sales Technique

There is plenty of sales data, but which data is meaningful? Learn how to develop a sales performance model to give context to your sales numbers.

If you are investing heavily in creating innovative and high-value solutions, but are not seeing the profitable growth you expected, value leakage could be sabotaging the execution of your strategy.

You might think customer needs analysis is standard practice in sales organisations. You would be wrong.

Michael van Straaten, CEO of Verimark, offers his expert advice on pitching.

A drip campaign is an automated multi-step email campaign that you set up in advance, then push go, and watch the results.

Businesses that have automated their marketing are closing sales faster and achieving significant growth as a result.

Being able to tap into the emotional world of your prospects can open the way to better sales and enhanced leadership. A new tool can teach you how to read what people are feeling.

ThinkSales Magazine - Oct 2010 - Business Intelligence Software - QlikView

A new kind of cost-effective business intelligence software lets you stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smarter decisions.

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