Learn the art of listening to your client rather than disengaging as you prepare your next line.

Trigger events allow you to whittle down your list of potential customers to the ones who, for real-life business reasons, are most likely to need what you’ve got.

Use the pre-mortem techniques as early warning signals that things might not go as planned.

The effectiveness of your strategic account management strategy determines how profitable your business will be and what market share it will retain.

New research uncovers the limitations of group brainstorming, providing food for thought on how best to get your team to generate new and creative ideas.

Being persuasive in your presentations has nothing to do with standardised fonts.

Is it time to re-energise your company’s vision, values and purpose?

By asking these questions, you come across as being well organised, knowledgeable, and professional. Most people will be impressed with the way you conduct this interview. First impressions are important – and following this sequence allows you to put your best foot forward.

Learn how to differentiate yourself as a value creator rather than a time waster.

Role playing: love it or hate it, it’s a part of sales, a part of acting and a part of life!

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