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Jacqui Van Der Riet of UDM International (Pty) Limited on encouraging strutting in the office. But why?


No sales manager wants their team dreading the next meeting. Here are six tips to planning a sales meeting that your sales people will love.


Invest the time, money, and effort to learn and master core inside sales techniques.


Establish yourself as a trusted advisor, not only a sales person, to help your clients achieve their goals.


Ask questions that will elicit deep insight into your customer’s needs and move your credibility rating from expected to exceptional.


Follow this proven five-step method to establish your role as leader of your sales team — regardless of their generation.

sales team productivity

Apply these practical methods to understand how you can support employees while balancing the need to keep them on task.


Not all great sales people are great sales managers. Ensure that your company culture identifies management potential without eroding the value of sales talent.


Sales is a set of skills that can be taught, learned, measured and repeated, so give your inside sales team the skills they’ll need right from the start.


Knowing your buyer’s buying behaviour will put your sales team ahead of the competition.

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